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The strong VCFL teams proved too strong for the VAFA in the U19 and Premier C-Div 4 level clashes, but the Ammos’ senior team triumphed in a heartstopper at Deakin Reserve, Shepparton tonight.

The Ammos threatened to run away with it early in the third after Jonno Nash goaled, but a fifteen minute barrage saw the Country kick seven goals. The VAFA kicked a couple of late ones to restore their lead before losing it again at the 21 minute mark of the last quarter. Again, the VAFA fought back and ran down the clock.

The victory is the VAFA’s first since 2001.


VCFL (Major Leagues) 3.1 3.6 10.7 13.8 (86)
VAFA (A&B Sections) 3.6 6.9 10.11 13.14 (92)

VCFL (Major Leagues)
Goal Kickers: G. Weeks 5, J. Berry 4, J. Bristow , L. Walker , J. Allan , J. Sheringham
Best Players: J. Berry, J. Allan, L. Walker, A. Eames, S. Chapman, G. Weeks
VAFA (A&B Sections)
Goal Kickers: N. Sautner 5, S. Dunell 2, C. Peterson 2, J. Watts , C. Howat , J. Perkins , J. Nash
Best Players: C. Howat, R. Colbert, M. Torney, N. Sautner, A. Austin, D. Strachan

VCFL Under 19 1.2 6.4 7.6 10.10 (70)
VAFA Under 19 2.5 4.5 5.10 5.12 (42)

VCFL Under 19
Goal Kickers: D. Parish 3, C. Greer 3, B. Collins , J. Kiddle , T. Cairns , J. Hill
Best Players: L. Smith, M. Sully, B. Hodson, J. Geary, T. Marriott, D. Parish
VAFA Under 19
Goal Kickers: B. Grech 2, M. Evans , D. Iaucione , C. Cassidy
Best Players: D. Garside, T. Humphrey, B. Grech, J. Grinter, D. Holden, M. van den Broek

VCFL 4.1 12.6 13.9 18.11 (119)
VAFA (Premier C-D4) 1.5 3.6 4.8 6.9 (45)

Goal Kickers: C. Lando 3, S. Schultz 3, B. Vallance 3, D. Lewis 2, B. Herdman 2, B. Wilson , L. Featherstone , J. Burke , M. Cummings , J. Bayliss
Best Players: B. Wilson, M. Smith, D. Godsmark, B. Eaton, C. Moreland, J. Taylor
VAFA (Premier C-D4)
Goal Kickers: N. Black 2, P. Florance , R. Chisholm , D. Fayman , G. Boyd
Best Players: N. Black, M. Dean, P. Florance, T. Biggs, D. Biggs, D. Drapac

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