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CEO Michael Sholly confirmed this morning that the VAFA has severed its fledgling relationship with Energy Watch.


“This morning the VAFA Board became aware of reckless comments made by Energy Watch CEO and co-owner Mr Ben Polis and has terminated the Association’s arrangement with that company with immediate effect,” Mr Sholly said.


“Whatever the level of offence caused by Mr Polis’ inanities, it is of even greater concern that his comments seem designed to insult as many people as possible. Mr Polis’ boast that his company is Australia’s number one energy broker seems destined to be out of date very shortly.


 “The VAFA is always on the look out for partnerships with businesses that act responsibly. Our reputation for integrity has been built over 120 years and we are ever mindful that it can be destroyed overnight,” VAFA President Bruno Conti said.


“In terms of community values, the VAFA has led the way with its lack of tolerance of racial abuse, of umpire abuse and stamping out unruly crowd behaviour through our ban on alcohol consumption at games. We seek sponsorships from organisations that actively promote responsibility and community well-being. We make no apologies for turning down more offers than we take up,” Mr Conti said. 


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