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The board and staff of the VAFA are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Colin Page of the Elsternwick Amateur Football Club, a man known throughout the VAFA for his extraordinary efforts as a volunteer.

Colin never played a game for the Wicks, but nevertheless served that club with distinction for many years. His grandfather played with the Wicks in the early part of the 20th century and his father coached their premiership team in 1951. 

Past Players President Adam Hankin said that Col was “an amazing man who would always have time for present and past players, supporters, family and children, he never failed to have the racing results on a Saturday during the game no matter the weather he encountered while doing his interchange role while helping the Wicks. A man who lived, loved and breathed the club, who was never asked to do a role for the club because he would already be doing it … typified by being the club historian and dedicating many hours to the club archives”
Our deep condolences to the Page family. 
Resquiescat in pace.