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This week is Multicultural Week in the VAFA. Whilst those of us in clubland have always been aware of the diversity amongst our players on our lists the VAFA would love to highlight some great stories of players and officials at clubs that come from a different background.
Over the next few days we will highlight some of those stories here and pay tribute to the clubs, and indeed the footballers themselves that have come to our great game and love it with the same enthusiasm and joy that we do.
To get things rolling, we thank this nomination from De La Salle Secretary Simon Humphrey. De La have acquired the services of Oakleigh Chargers listed,  Sudanese born, Gatluak  ‘Paully’ Johnson (pictured) playing with them in their under 19’s team where he has dominated in the Ruck and also managed two bags of five goals when thrown forward recently.
Humphrey says, “Paul has a bright future as a footballer.  But more importantly he is a fantastic young kid.  Polite, well spoken, respectful and extremely popular around the club.  We were very fortunate that Oakleigh Chargers have entrusted De La Salle to us to help develop Paul as a footballer while he is on their  TAC cup list.”

To read the full story from the Herald Sun (Monday 18th June, 2012) click here.

On the VAFA website tomorrow we will profile another great story as we ramp up for multicutural Round 10 this weekend.