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Andrew Leonard

On Tuesday night this week Old Carey Grammarians FC took advantage of the opportunity to use Collingwood FC Westpac Centre facilities. 
Away from the normal Tuesday night training and rehab at Bulleen, where the routine of cold and wet conditions through the winter can often become monotonous, it was a welcomed by the entire squad.  
It was a perfect change up for the 60 senior players who all played on the previous Sunday in very heavy wet and muddy conditions.  
With five rounds remaining and with the senior side in finals contentions of Premier section, the timing was perfect to freshen the squad up with some indoor activities.  
President Paul Newton said, “Collingwood’s facilities are first rate and we were able to provide our playing group with some insight into what the elite footballers experience in the AFL, we will definitely come back again in 2013.”
Players made use of the state of the art gym, the pool, ice baths and took a tour of the centre as well to see what tricks they could learn in the run home to September. 
Collingwood offer experiences like this for all clubs and you can get in contact with the club if you are interested in offering a change in scenery one night in the run home this year. 
Old Carey face University Blues at Bulleen on Saturday in a game they must win to hold on to fourth spot in their bid to play finals in the top section of amateur football for the first time.