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This Sunday 23rd September at the Premier Grand Final the entertainment for children will be out of this world. 
In the new children’s entertainment zone there will be an animal farm with creatures great and small that you will be able to pat, hold and experience for 4 hours from 11am. 
There will also be one of the biggest jumping castles you have ever seen for a bit of exercise and pandemonium. 
If that isn’t enough there will also be face painting and a balloon contortionist to create one of the animals you have seen in the children’s farm* (*We cannot guarantee exact likeness). 
But wait there’s more
Whilst we cannot throw in a set of steak knives, each person who walks into the ground on Saturday will receive products from Nivea courtesy of our friends at Elastoplast. 
So if you were at a loss what to do with the kids this weekend and were thinking  “If only there was a children’s farm we could visit”, well now you know where to come and spend your Sunday!
Tickets to the Premier Grand Final can be purchased at the gate with children under 12 free to enter, adults are $15 and concessions are $10. 
The children’s farm and jumping castle are also free and will be active from around midday until half time of the senior Grand Final. 
The Premier Grand Final commences at 2.30pm.