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The 2012 SMA-Vic & AFL Sports Trainer sessions run during October giving potential participants the options to obtain the minimum competencies required to oversee a game of Australian football (ERC) or attain the higher qualification Level 1 sports trainer.
 The AFL expects that football matches at all levels will be played in good quality environments and the safety of participants is central to that environment.
In community Australian Football clubs, first aid is usually provided by sports trainers or by other volunteers with medical or higher level allied health (e.g. nursing, physiotherapy, occupational health & safety) qualifications and experience. 
Sports trainers are likely to play a major role when there is no-one else with medical or allied health qualifications at a game or training.  
It is important that sports trainers, and others, are well trained in the first aid needs specifically relevant to Australian Football at the level at which they are involved (e.g. Auskick, juniors, youth, seniors, females, talent pathway, AFL clubs, veterans etc). 
The Australian Football League (AFL) believes that planning and practicing what to do when an emergency occurs is an essential part of risk management. 
All football leagues and clubs must be conversant with first aid procedures and able to deal with emergencies so participants are well cared for. 
All leagues and clubs should ensure that:
•    A person with current first aid qualifications is available at all football games and training sessions.
•    An appropriately and adequately stocked first aid kit and well maintained sport-specific rescue/transport equipment are accessible at all training and competition venues.

AFL Emergency Response Coordinator 
The Australian Football League (AFL) endorses the following training structure to support football associations, clubs, teams and volunteers to build their capacity to meet the minimum requirements of the Australian Football League Management of Injuries and Medical Emergencies in Community Australian Football Policy.
The ERC is particularly targeted to junior football clubs that may not have a qualified Level 1 sports trainer able to attend games.
The course is well suited for someone who is considering becoming a level 1 sports trainer but currently cannot commit to two full days of training
•    Introduction: The role of the Emergency Response Coordinator
•    Emergency planning
•    Emergency response priorities / on-field assessment of injured participants
•    Concussion Management
•    On-field communication
•    Transporting injured participants
(approx. 3 hours)
  N.B. Course Prerequisite: First Aid Certificate. (Nationally accredited) *Must include assessed competencies HLTFA311a (Apply First Aid) or HLTFA211A (Provide Emergency Life Support)
All participants who successfully complete this training will have the minimum competencies required to fulfill the role of an Emergency Response Coordinator at an Australian Football event. 
This includes the minimum competencies in emergency management procedures and responses, and the assessment and immediate management of severe injuries and life threatening medical emergencies required by at least one person in attendance at all games and training.
PLEASE NOTE: As of Season 2013 the AFL will be mandating that the above qualification will be the minimum competency an individual must hold to officiate as a sports trainer at AFL games.