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Andrew Leonard

The Board of the Victorian Amateur Football Association yesterday confirmed the addition of Masala Football Club as a new club to the Association for 2013 and beyond.
Masala Football Club was born out of the Indian team that played in the 2011 International Cup.
Inaugural Club President Ash Nugent said, “We are ecstatic with the decision, we really weren’t expecting a decision this quickly.”
Masala will make their debut in the Club XVIII competition in 2013 and Mr Nugent said there was still plenty to do.
“We have about 20 players from the Indian team that played in the International Cup that will form the basis of the team and our Facebook group has over 200 members so the first priority is recruiting,” said Nugent.
“Being notified early has given us a great advantage so we still have time to prepare for the 2013 season and although there is a lot to do we are very excited at the prospect of it all,” said Nugent.
The club aims to bring together the community from the sub continent as a means to provide an introduction to Australian rules football.
The name Masala translates in a number of sub continent languages as well as English, as a blend of spices, and the club hopes that the club will indeed be a blend of cultures on and off the playing field.
Masala are hoping to play their matches in the City of Greater Dandenong and should be able to confirm their home ground in the coming weeks.
The club has an affiliation with the Richmond Football Club that was born out of Richmond assisting the Indian team during the International Cup.
Masala’s colours and jumper are yet to be confirmed for 2013 and will require VAFA approval before they grace the field.
For more information on Masala or to follow the teams progress through the off season then check out their Facebook group here.