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The VAFA and the team at Bodyology have a great preseason training offer for all VAFA clubs. 
Get a jump on your rivals this preseason by following an elite training program using the High Altitude Chamber at Bodyology in the Musashi High Performance Centre in Notting Hill. 
There are different packages to suit your preferred training method and your budget. 
Complete this form to nominate which package you would like to sign up for. 
Courses in the High Altitude Room run for 6 continuous weeks so the programs will not start until January to enable you to achieve the best results from the program. However you will need to book now to secure your team’s times in the facility. 
Details of the programs: 
Option 1: AFL Strength and Conditioning and Altitude Chamber Package
Be lead by an expert in an AFL standard High Altitude and Strength and Conditioning package. 
Over a six week period (2 x 1 hour sessions per week):
2 x 30 minute sessions in the high altitude chamber per week
2 x 30 minute sessions of strength and conditioning lead by one of the team at Bodyology. 
Course price for 12 players is $270* per person for the 6 week course. 
*This course must be booked for 12 people to get this price – if less than 12 people then the price per person goes up accordingly. The High Altitude chamber can accommodate a maximum of 6 people per 30 minute block with the other 6 doing the strength and conditioning session before swapping over. 
Option 2 – Altitude training only 
Over a six week period:
2 x 1 hour training sessions in the High Altitude Chamber per week based on 6 players is $50 per player per week.
It is recommended to have at least 2 sessions a week to realise the benefits of any time in the chamber
Optional Extras
Bodpod ($ 66 per player) RRP $99
Before your start the program and at the end of the 6 week course, take a body composition test in the Bodpod to measure your body fat and muscle mass. This will allow you to map your progress from the training you undertake. You will also be able to identify your ideal playing weight and your ideal body fat levels, as used currently by many AFL players.  
If you and your team mates or club are interested in any of these options then download the attached form below and send in your booking request to Bodyology. 
Check out the video below when Alistair Lynch went down to the team at Bodyology to get an assessment on his fitness.