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The AFL Victoria Appeals Board has decided to allow the transfer of Southern Dragons Football Club from the Southern Football League to the Victorian Amateur Football Association where they will join as Dragons Football Club. 
The decision paves the way for the Dragons to enter the competition in Division 4 from 2013 with the club becoming the 74th club in the VAFA. 
The initial request to transfer to the VAFA submitted by Southern Dragons was rejected by AFL Victoria but the VAFA and Southern Dragons appealed that decision.
The AFL Victoria Appeals Board outlined a number of reasons for upholding the appeal which was highlighted by their agreement that the VAFA would offer the Southern Dragons the best chance of sustainability as a club whilst still allowing them to focus and continue to develop their multicultural community which is a cornerstone of their existence. 
As a result of the move, the Southern Dragons have also changed their name to Dragons Football Club which will allow them to represent a wider community within the VAFA. 
The decision on the transfer of the Dragons to the VAFA has delayed the 2013 fixture release for Division 4. VAFA General Manager of Football Operations Tim Noonan confirmed that this would be completed in the next two days. 
Division 4 will have 11 teams participating in the section in 2013 and the make up of the fixture is likely to see each team play 16 matches with two byes each. 
Full fixture details and more on Dragons Football Club will be live at VAFA.com.au in the next few days.