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Last night at the MCC Members Dining Room the VAFA held its 2013 Season Launch  with more than 360 guests enjoying the night that contained a number of highlights. Amongst the many highlights on the night was Guest Speaker Gary March who spoke of his time in the Amateurs playing at Old Haileybury before detailing some of the more interesting stories that have emerged out of Richmond Football Club in his time as President. 
Another highlight on the night was the presentation made by FIDA (Football Integration Development Association) President Poppie Hatzi to the VAFA for their support of the organisation throughout their history. The FIDA video presented was a brilliant reminder to all in the room of how football brings us all together and at the end of the day is just a game we love. 
There were 10 new recipients of the Certificate of Merit for their services to the game and more particularly their club. All were well received by the room and you can read about all 10 winners and watch the video detailing their achievements on our website.
Former VAFA General Manager Peter French delivered a wonderful and humourous toast to the Association as he reminisced about the early days when he was appointed as the first full time General Manager of the VAFA. 
New VAFA President Michael Hazell delivered the response to the Toast and took the opportunity to speak about his love for the VAFA, the need to support all club volunteers and he also shared a part of the vision he wants to see the Association head. Mr Hazell also welcomed new clubs Dragons and Masala to the competition. 
The night was MC’d by VAFA CEO Michael Sholly with aplomb and members from Beaumaris Football Club were delighted as the club was the first to be acknowledged by Mr Sholly fo their achievement of making it to Premier Section for the first time in their history. 
All in all it was a tremendous night that provides a brilliant platform for the season ahead. There are only 9 sleeps to go until the first matches of the year, VAFA footy is back and we are all glad about that.