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The VAFA is delighted to announce the arrival of our media portal for all VAFA video content. Each week all our Premier, Premier B, Premier C matches are filmed and posted for coaches, players, supporters to review, learn and watch back on the moments that made that win or loss happen. 
With a dedicated VAFA TV media portal we now have the opportunity to provide a better commercial opportunity for our clubs with each club having it’s own dedicated page, featuring club videos, the club’s Twitter feed and the major club sponsor. 
You will also be able to search for any video of that season with more games being available to look back on than ever before. Most importantly clubs will still be able to download match footage to edit and use with players. 
Another bonus is that everyone watching the videos through can leave comments on videos that they watch and engage with other visitors to the site. 
The media portal will also feature all other VAFA TV content as well as portals for the VAFA Mark and Goal of the Year competitions. 
Ultimately this website is about engagement with the VAFA community. If you have suggestions about what you might like to see on the portal or have video from your club that you would like to feature on the portal then please contact [email protected]

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