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A keen observer at the Premier B Round 1 match between Caulfield Grammarians and St Kevin’s OB alerted us to the speed with which the first goal of the game was kicked by St Kevin’s. 
We ran the stop watch on the goal and needless to say we were impressed, the clock stopping on 26 seconds. In all likeliness making it the first senior goal of the 2013 season. 
VAFA TV would like to run a competition to see if anyone can beat this mark throughout season 2013. The rules are simple; Time will be measured from the time the umpire blows his whistle after the siren and blows time on from the first bounce of the game to the time the ball crosses the line. The only other rule is that there must be video evidence to show the goal!
If you happen to notice a particularly fast goal at the start of a game this year then please get in contact with our Media and Communications man Andrew Leonard ([email protected]) and he will arrange to get the video up at 
For now have a look at the goal form St Kevin’s below!