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In a week where football was played on the Thursday as part of the commemoration and celebration of ANZAC Day, VAFA TV ventured out on the Tuesday night to Mentone to observe how St Bedes/Mentone Tigers do things two days before a game. Of course there was the dual motive of seeing what other talent exists at the club for VAFA TV’s Search for a Star and what a performance the boys put on!
The other purpose of heading to Brindisi St was to see how the club has become as successful as it has after merging 21 years ago. The two sides, Mentone Tigers and St Bedes joined up for the 1993 season of the VAFA. VAFA TV managed to speak to to a number of people that were involved in that merger from the start. 
There is also a brief chat with the Round 2 Rising Star Chris Mangoni as well as some of the characters of football club. 
You will also see the VAFA Goal and Marks of the week from Round 2, plus a special feature on “this week in the VAFA’. 
All in all it is another jam packed show. You can watch below or catch this episode an all other videos at