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The AFL rightly promoted and celebrated the fact that last round’s St Kilda versus Sydney clash was the first time a match for premiership points was played outside of Australia. The ANZAC Day evening clash in Wellington was watched by over 22,000 spectators but the talk on Kevin Bartlett’s SEN show on morning of the game was questioning how that many people could be interested in attending. 
The VAFA is proud to have sent an VAFA selected U18 side to New Zealand to take on the best New Zealand talent since 2009 and will do so again in 2013. 
This promoted a caller Dave to ring in and talk about his involvement in the trips and how the VAFA has provided assistance to AFL NZ and the KiwiKick program. VAFA CEO Michael Sholly also phoned in to KB to confirm the VAFA has been committed to New Zealand for five years and does so without any assistance from the AFL. Sholly when speaking with KB referenced the ‘young man’ Dave who had sold the merits of the VAFA’s trips to New Zealand. 
It turns out the young man was 320 game Banyule legend David Witchell (pictured) who was the U18 team’s fitness adviser in 2012. Needless to say Dave was delighted that the boss had referenced him as a young man!