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Ahead of the second instalment of the Melbourne University Football Club derby we take a look back at the Round 3 match when VAFA TV (see below) spoke to a number of people in in the huge crowd that day, including some well known faces. 
This Saturday will be the 83rd edition of the uni derby. Despite comfortably leading in premiership successes, and sitting a game clear on top of the Premier Section ladder, University Blacks trail in the head to head clases against University Blues 35-46 with there being one draw. 
University Blues have in fact won the last four clashes against their rivals including the round three clash earlier this year by 14 points. 
Blacks have not beaten Blues since 1982, and the fact that these two teams meet again this weekend is a treat for amateur football lovers who appreciate a good rivalry. 
If you team isn’t going so well, or if you are just looking for a good contest to get to then you could do worse than heading to University Oval on Saturday afternoon. It is sure to be a cracking match regardless of the teams ladder positions.