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Premier matches this weekend will be played at a couple of different venues from the norm. 
The Old Xaverians v Old Scotch clash will be played at Xavier College in Kew. This match was a planned change and has been in the fixture since the start of the season. 
However the University Blues v Old Carey matches have now been moved away from University Oval as Melbourne University has closed the ground due to the stability of the surface. 
The Blues home matches for seniors and reserves will now be played at Princes Park Oval number 1. This is the ground next door to Visy Park. 
Melbourne University are continuing to monitor the situation at University Oval and will work with both University Blues and Blacks in the coming weeks to determine the grounds suitability for play. 
The Old Xaverians v Old Scotch match is part of an agreement between the clubs to alternate a home fixture each year between the two school grounds that the clubs were founded out of. 

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