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This time last year we released our very first VAFA Twitter ladder. It was a chance for certain clubs to have bragging rights about just how many followers they might have. In 2013 Twitter numbers have continued to grow and the number of VAFA clubs with a Twitter account grew in 2014. 
At the end of 2012, there were 22 VAFA clubs without a Twitter account and in 2013 that number has halved to 11. Surprisingly are that two of these eleven clubs are Collegians and Old Brighton who both play in Premier Section. The total number of Twitter followers across all VAFA clubs, the VAFA and VAFA Staff members is a staggering 19,920 Twitter accounts. Breaking this number down further, 15,328 were unique user accounts. 
So who leads the way? 
This year there is no change to the top four from 2012, all are still in the same position. Fitzroy (@Fitzroy_FC) are well in front with over 1500 followers, almost two and a half times more than the next best Old Xaverians (@OldXavsFC) on 660. The Roys obviously have garnered that support that has always been there for the famous old VFL/AFL club. 
Hampton Rovers (@HRAFC) are in third position in terms of followers (490) but are a clear leader amongst VAFA clubs for number of tweets. Therry Penola (@TherryPenola) are the next best in terms of tweets but sit down in 12th position for followers. 
Making up our unchanged top four is Marcellin (@MarcellinOCFC)who have 420 followers before we see the first change. University Blacks (@UniBlacksFC) are new on the list in fifth position. The club didn’t have an official Twitter handle last year, but they were able to leverage their account from their mystery writer @TheBlackHack who ceded the account to the Blacks for safe keeping. 
You can see the full list below in order of the number of followers and their movement up or down the list from their 2012 position. 
For those that are interested the VAFA (@VAFA_HQ) as of Friday had 3176 followers, whilst the combined followers of all the VAFA staff is almost 1500. 
What does it all mean? There is no doubt that more and more people are joining Twitter each year. This means that if you are active on social media then you can direct more people to your news and views. More visits to your website exposes your sponsors and information about your club. Another way to look at it is that having the most followers in the VAFA is simply reason to brag.
Either the annual VAFA Twitter ladder is now a talking point and something digest before we break for Christmas and get ready for the football to start in 2014.
*All numbers and followers were correct as of Friday 13th December.