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Dean Anderson (senior co -coach – Old Scotch) on their 28 point win over Old Xaverians
“Old Xaverians Football Club are worthy of respect for their fighting qualities of being within striking distance of a victory well into the last quarter in spite of the injuries they accumulated during the game. Full praise for how the playing group went about their business this week, singling out a job well done and highlighting key statistics which were key performance indicators in where the game was eventually won.”
Beaumaris website on their win over Old Brighton 
Guess what? The Sharks are on top of the ladder. Yes, Saturday’s win over Old Brighton sees us on top on percentage, but before we get too excited, we are also just one defeat away from being in fourth spot. That’s how tight it is at the top of the ladder at the moment and with Uni Blacks (second on the ladder) coming up this Saturday, things couldn’t be more exciting. [Read More] De La Salle website after their 71 point defeat to University Blacks
Post game coach Paul Satterley bemoaned the poor start and a real lack of effort in the later stages of the game. In an otherwise bleak day he singled out the efforts of Tom Humphrey who was again named best player and noted the impressive debut of U19 player Adrian Indovino. Other better players were Charlie Haley and Matt Moore who both tried extremely hard to exert some forward pressure, Jake Williams and Tom Moloney. [Read More]
Quinton Gleeson (senior coach Uni Blues) on their start to the season 
“It’s good to get reward for a pretty solid pre-season — winning those early games gives you a fair bit of confidence in what you’ve been trying to implement. If it had’ve been the reverse we might have started to lose confidence in what we’d tried to put in place over pre-season. The guys have really bought into the style of play but more so the values and behaviours we’re trying to achieve as a club.” [Read More]
Caulfield Grammarians website on their 41 point win over Old Carey
As Carey ran out their extra talls were thought to be the visible first problem. We knew they had plenty of talent all around the ground and were prepared to jealously guard their equal top position. We also heard their jibes suggesting that CGFC are more about fighting relegation and this was a particular source of angst for Tim O who ensured our boys were made well aware of the opposition’s view! [Read More]
Hampton Rovers website after their 8 point defeat to Monash Blues
Monash Blues proved too strong for the Hampton Rovers on Saturday, getting up by 8 points in a low-scoring affair at Monash University.In windy conditions, the Rovers came out of the blocks poorly and the home side capitalised kicking two goals early on. While Hampton improved from late in the first term, it was the home side that managed to maintain their advantage throughout the game.  [Read more]
Ash Mills (senior coach – Prahran Assumption) on their 87 point win over Whitefriars
“Despite the landslide win we believe there were still parts of the game that are open to considerable improvement”
Dennis Castaldi (senior coach- Therry Penola) on their season so far 
“I wouldn’t say we’re one of the teams to beat, it’s still pretty early. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves to be honest with you, we won’t know who’s good and who’s not until we play everyone once.”
Jay Phelan (senior player – Northern Blues) on their 38 point win over UHS VU
“We prepared well on the track during the week so I think that went a long way towards getting this win. We really wanted to concentrate on running hard and getting the midfielders to push deep into defence. We’re looking towards putting together some consistent performances now to stay inside the top six.”