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The VAFA TV cameras went to one of the newest and most diverse clubs in the VAFA, Masala. 
Masala joined the VAFA in 2013 in Club XVIII Section 3 and whilst the club is still playing in Club XVIII (albeit in Section 1) in 2014, they have lofty ambitions about where they want to go. 
The inclusive club pride themselves on providing opportunities for people from all backgrounds to play football. As the meaning behind the club name Masala demonstrates, they really are a club of mixed cultural spices. 
More than half their list of players have been playing football for less than a few years and their current match day squad contains players from; Iraq, Afghanistan, Estonia, India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, USA, England, China and of course Australia. The club also has an exchange working with football clubs from Northern Australia where two indigenous players are playing the season with the club to experience football in Melbourne. 
However, if you are like us and were of the belief that Masala might be offering exotic culinary options every Thursday night, then you would be like us, slightly disappointed. Masala might have had it’s origins out of the International Indian Australian Rules team, however you can’t take the football club out of Australia. Dinner was the humble snag in bread!
Nevertheless Masala has the makings of a great club and with some fantastic people behind the scenes, this club looks destined for a bright future. Checkout this week’s VAFA TV and of course the Masala entrant in Search for a Star.