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Congratulations to Luke “Bucks” Buckler, who is this week’s Club Warehouse Rising Star. The strong in and under player came to West Brunswick when he relocated to Melbourne for study at RMIT. 
Luke played school football last year for Mentone Grammar, having played juniors at Langwarring and Ormond. Luke is the only West Brunswwick player to play every game in 2014, with Senior Coach Angus Hamilton taking only two rounds to see that Bucks has what it took to play senior football. 
A regular on the ball, Bucks is an in and under player often going in to retrieve the football for his more senior teammates. 
Luke’s competitive edge often sends him bull at a gate, towards the footy. Luke is renowned for crashing into packs, and often leaving with the footy. Luke has been a huge influence on West Brunswick’s successful season!