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Williamstown CYMS, St Mary’s Salesian and Hawthorn all promoted whilst Aquinas are into the Preliminary final in Division 3. 
Division 1
Williamstown CYMS came to play against Therry Penola as their relentless forward pressure gifted them four of their first five goals to get the jump on the undefeated Lions. Willy led all day and despite being challenged by Therry Penola in the last, the Lions got to within 10 points, the CY’s steadied with the final four goals to score a 36 point win. Williamstown now promoted to Premier C for the first time in their history, whilst Therry Penola will have to come the long way in order to make it two promotions in two years and keep their aim of back-to-back flags on track. It was Therry’s first loss since the Division 2 2nd Semi Final last year ending a 20 game winning streak, but we all know they bounced back to win a memorable premiership. 
Wiliamstown CYMS                           5.1,  8.4,  12.6,  16.10  (106) 
Therry Penola                       2.5,  4.6,  7.8,  10.10  (70) 
GOALS, Therry Penola : J. Bannister 4, C. Bannister 3, N. Milevski 1, B. Egglestone 1, H. Rowe 1
Williamstown CYMS : M. John 4, J. Gray 4, R. Chan 2, L. Molan 1, D. Calman-Orr 1, T. Murphy 1,  C. Richards 1, J. Bencich 1, C. Oates 1
BEST, Therry Penola : B. Harding, P. Edwards, M. Lyons, J. White, J. Egglestone, M. Valenti
Williamstown CYMS : R. Danaher, T. Johnstone, R. Chan, N. Holdsworth, S. McVernon, T. Murphy
Division 2 
St Mary’s Salesian hadn’t beaten Kew in their two home and away matches to date but they dismissed that form line with a comfortable eight goal win. Just as they had done in their past encounters, the Saints skipped out to a good lead at half time although this time they didn’t let is slip. The win will give the Saints a week off and it now earns them promotion to Division 1. Kew will have to wait for a preliminary final match up against either Old Paradians or Old Eltham. 
St Mary’s Salesian                      4.3,  9.6,  10.11,  13.12  (90)
Kew                                     1.2,  2.3,  3.5,  6.6  (42)
GOALS, St Mary’s Salesian : J. Rogers 3, B. Andrews 2, T. Whittle 2, J. Strangward 2, N. Latsas 1, A. Dwyer 1, L. Holmes 1, H. Chipperfield 1
Kew : A. Brazzale 3, M. Waters 1, J. Dammenhayn 1, J. O’Keefe 1
BEST, St Mary’s Salesian : N. Latsas, J. Rogers, J. Strangward, H. Chipperfield, N. Baum, B. Andrews
Kew : N. Rohrt, S. Bishop, P. Donaldson, J. O’Bryan, M. Cochrane, A. Brazzale
Division 3
Aquinas has won through to a preliminary final thanks their 51 point win over Swinburne University. Aquinas were never really troubled and showed their intent from the opening bounce. Swinburne are not out of the finals race yet. They will be hoping both Northern Blues and Emmaus St Leos can win their qualifying finals tomorrow in order to be given a second chance as the lucky loser. 
Aquinas                                 6.4,  9.4,  16.10,  19.16  (130)
Swinburne University                    1.3,  6.7,  7.9,  11.13  (79)
GOALS, Aquinas : J. Perrett 5, S. Williams 3, B. O’Loughlin 2, M. Kershaw 2, P. Jurkovsky 2, L. McDonald 1, M. Niezen 1, M. Jess 1, M. Cull 1, T. Niezen 1
Swinburne University : J. Bunge 4, Z. Scrase 2, G. Peter 1, A. Woodhead 1, T. Kennedy 1, R. Lugg 1, B. Higgins 1
BEST, Aquinas : M. Jess, L. Toomey, P. Jurkovsky, J. Perrett, A. Meagher, L. Barnes
Swinburne University : Z. Scrase, J. Bunge, A. Woodhead, M. Hodgson, J. Bradley, A. Hyman
Division 4
Hawthorn cast aside last year’s horror show and finally won their way back to Division 3 after they kicked the last four scores of the game to defeat West Brunswick by 14 points. The Hawks and the Pies were all tied up at the 20 minute mark of the final quarter before a couple of goals to Hawthorn gave them the win they so desperately craved. 
Hawthorn                                3.2,  5.6,  8.9,  11.15  (81)
West Brunswick                          3.3,  4.5,  8.7,  10.7  (67)
GOALS, Hawthorn : J. Ince 4, S. Stormonth 2, R. White 2, G. Edmond 2, A. Beaton 1
West Brunswick : J. Nulty 2, M. Holmes 2, Z. Tisdale 2, R. Benjamin 1, M. Simpson 1, L. Buckler 1, C. Germon 1
BEST, Hawthorn : J. Campbell, P. Nunan, A. Beaton, M. McNeill, J. Ince, D. Pritchard
West Brunswick : L. Buckler, C. Germon, W. Baker, R. Touzel, J. Sandow, L. Martin