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The summer season is all about time trials, fitness and implementing new game plans and for many clubs it is about combining these with an effort to raise money for charity. Hawthorn Amateurs certainly did this on the weekend with the Hawks entering a team of players and officials in the Melbourne City2Sea run on Sunday. 
Hawthorn had 25 runners complete the course in their team including players, friends and 6 staff from the club’s sponsor Beer DeLuxe in Hawthorn. 
The team did the run to raise money for the VAFA’s chosen charity One In Five, and the Hawks are currently at $11,752 raised, with more commitments still to come in.  You can still donate to the Hawthorn team’s total here.  All runners completed the 15km course with times ranging from 1:01.15 to 1:25.33. This is the second year Hawthorn have done the run and this year has seen both an increase in the number of runners and the amount raised. Last year with nine runners Hawthorn raised over $7,000. 
As part of the club’s training for the run, the Hawks were lucky enough to have Craig Mottram come to the club and take a 90 minute running session. 
This run primarily acts as part of Hawthorn’s commitment to raising awareness of depression and anxiety in our community and of course doubles as a bit of pre-season training for the brown and gold.