Posted on - Therry Penola

It’s on again. VAFA Premier C club Therry Penola are taking on the Yarrawonga Pigeons in a pre-season clash fundraiser for the Ricky Bannister Cup!

Make the trip to Yarrawonga on Saturday 7th March to watch AFL stars, and of course the stars of Yarrawonga and Therry Penola come together for a great cause.

All proceeds of the match are going to Denique Peace to aid in her recovery and to Spinal injury research.

Gates open from 12.30pm with a football clinic for kids as the pre-game entertainment before the main game at 2pm.
It’s the long weekend so there are sure to be plenty of VAFA people heading to the country to get a last summer break, so take in some footy and support a great cause.

Tickets are only $10 for adults (children are free) and they can be bought at the gate.