Welcome to the new VAFA.com.au.

This summer the VAFA made the decision to invest in a new website. With our online and digital numbers continuing to climb over the past couple of years, the need to enhance our biggest digital asset was an easy one. There are many new features of the new VAFA.com.au but there is also more detail and more integration between our various communications channels.

VAFA CEO Michael Sholly confirmed the need to invest in the website was compelling, “Our former website was a little tired and was due a facelift, so this likely would have happened soon. However, the decision to create and host our own website was significant, and we hope to see the benefits of that decision via both the engagement of our community and from direct feedback of our parters and sponsors.”

General Manager of Media and Communications, Andrew Leonard said, “This has been a significant project where everyone that has contributed to getting this live before the start of the season deserves a pat on the back. The VAFA now has a cutting edge website that is not only more engaging for users but will also be completely mobile friendly.”

Some of the new features include: Find your club (where you can enter your postcode or suburb and an interactive map of the nearest VAFA club will give you options of the clubs closest to you; VAFA TV is now completely integrated as part of VAFA.com.au; each VAFA club now has their own portal featuring their season fixtures and results, latest news, club information and contacts and an integrated location map, as well as a history of their time in the VAFA; there is the new sign up to the VAFA Newsletter feature meaning you won’t miss the latest news from the VAFA; plus an expanded history of the VAFA section that includes links to vision of Grand Finals and Representative Games as well as player profiles of the past champions of the VAFA.

“The VAFA’s website traffic is our largest connector to the community and having complete control of this now is a huge advantage” Leonard said.

The control of the advertising on the VAFA website and the revenue it creates will also benefit the Association. General Manager of Commercial Operations, Blair O’Hara confirmed that VAFA partners and sponsors will now be represented on the website without the fear of conflicts.

“There are three key benefits for the VAFA on the new website platform; Firstly, we will be able to increase revenue from banner advertising on our heavily frequented site; Second, we can feature VAFA sponsors and partners which creates more value for them and will attract new partners to the VAFA. In addition, the technology platform is more versatile so we can create web pages that are specifically designed to create the most value and engagement for our partners.”

“Taking control of our digital assets will create long term success for the VAFA” said O’Hara.

We hope you enjoy the new VAFA website.


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