Trinity happy to go 12 and win on points

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Andrew Leonard

Fancy queuing to get into a pub to watch a boxing match that feature; no Australians, where the protagonists (one of whom has been a convicted on domestic violence) were each netting more than $100 million and the result was more than likely pre-arranged in the small print. Well that’s what many of us all did on Sunday afternoon and the so called fight of the century resembled something more akin to some of the laughable false bravado we see on the AFL field today. Luke Hodge and Jordan Lewis landed more blows against North Melbourne than Mayweather or Pacquiao did through 12 rounds. However Mayweather’s ability to absorb the contest for 12 rounds all the while scoring enough points saw to it that his undefeated record in tact. Old Trinity have a long way to go before getting to 48-0, but a 4-0 start will do very nicely. Just like Mayweather (this is the only comparison that can be related), they seem to absorb the contest and score just enough points to win. The T’s are not blowing teams out of the water. Whether they need to or have the power to are two different questions. The only question on everyone’s lips are what is the difference between the 4-0 T’s of 2014 and the newer 2015 model?

Daley Oval has been a happy hunting ground for Old Trinity over the past few seasons. Again an opponent with strong credentials turned up, played very well for most of the game, but was ultimately overrun by the green machine. A big crowd watched on as Old Trinity went someway to putting to bed their grievance with Old Scotch about their dropping of 12 players in round 18 last year. Old Scotch led Old Trinity into time on in the third term before four quick goals saw the home side take all the momentum into the final quarter. Jack Hunt is a game breaker. Sure Iezzi ,Tinney and lately the Howell’s are always a handful but Jack’s ability to kick a goal and a team lifting one at that is a key to Old Trinity’s success this year. The James’, Long and Bowden, were good for the Cardinals, whilst Hugo Perry is making a strong case for being the most improved footballer in the comp. Old Scotch were undermanned so will certainly take something from this game, just not the four points.

It’s too early to call the Blues and St Bernard’s match a finals preview, but on early form it would be a shame were these sides not to meet again in September. Hopefully both will be at full strength then too, for St Bernard’s win by five points generated more post match discussion about the players that weren’t there and what might happen should both sides have their full armory. Nevertheless, the teams on the park were magnificent as Blues established the early edge breaking to a three-goal lead half way through the third. A period of dominance for St Bernard’s ensued and they clawed it back to eight points at half time. Adam Bentick continued to stamp his authority on the contest to assist St Bernard’s to the lead. Blues were struggling with their bench, Hayes (injured in the warm up), Heinz (calf) and Matt Hart (broken ankle) left the Blues down on healthy men. Alex Boyse has to be the find of the year for the Snowdogs, another four goals from a flank has him leading the goalkickers with 14. The game ended as it started for Blues, another injury. Tom Sivelstro, broke his ankle in the last tackle of the game. St Bernard’s held on, but this feels like it’s only the first instalment this year.

Old Xaverians had a hot start against Beaumaris bayside and whilst the Sharks got within range in the second term, it was the third quarter where the game slipped from their grasp. Beauy certainly win enough of the ball, but their disposal into their forward line often lets them down. Despite this, Daniel Gribbin still booted five goals in a losing cause. At the other end, perhaps Beaumaris were too Handley conscious in their defensive efforts, allowing Jake Williams (5 goals) and Matt Margin (4) to slip their opponents with regularity. Despite their ascendancy, Xavs were still wasteful, they ended up kicking 11.12 in the second half.

Old Carey had eight goals straight on the board before their first behind and it was this kicking efficiency that was the early indicator of how the contest would unfold. De La Salle worked their way back into the match and won back the lead in the third. A late Carey goal meant the game was for the taking at orange time. Old Carey found their rhythm and mojo and piled on 7.4 in the final term to break De La down with precise kicking and deadly finishing. Wasteful ball use from their better ball users was probably the difference and as De La stumbled, the Old Carey confidence grew. Jarrod Reid clunked everything sent his direction and importantly rewarded his midfield – led by James Rimmington – by converting for five majors.

The Grand Final rematch had more riding on it than just bragging rights, as Collegians and Blacks were both chasing a first win. Collegians finished full of running to collect their first batch of four points for the year, leaving the reigning premiers winless with a trip to Daley oval this week to come. Blacks were certainly better than they have been. Jordan Quaile and Isaac Anderson were important and Josh Free was also winning the ball, however, Collegians had similar output from their ball winners. Sam Hibbins continues to grow with every game and it was great to see James Kondarovskis back somewhere towards his best. Although Konda might argue that 1.5 for the day is a long way short of his usual output. Blacks won lots of the ball in the final quarter but they were only able to produce a solitary point. Not good enough for a side that is desperate for a win.

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