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Round 7 had everything and more!! I knew tipping would be tough this week but, I certainly didn’t think I’d just snag the 3. Emmaus St Leo’s were out for blood, UHS-VU overcome the Razorbacks in a thriller and the Hawks continue to improve. West Brunswick had another big win, but the big story was the Saints overcoming Power House to give every Div 3 side a victory.

Emmaus St. Leo’s defeated Aquinas

My match of the round didn’t quite turn out as was planned. The first quarter was very even, although the Bloods probably had more of the ball, but they failed to capitalise on the scoreboard. From then on, the Animals turned the immense pressure on by not letting Aquinas settle with the ball. Aquinas would be disappointed with the last three quarters as the Animals ran away winners by 10 goals. Alex Guthrie and Lachlan McDonald were the standouts in a dismal day for the Bloods, whilst the Animals again had 9 goal-kickers, led by Daniel Hill, Christ Beluszar and Ryan Harding all with 4 apiece. Max Catchpool popped his head up to be man of the match

UHS-VU defeated Swinburne Uni

This was the proverbial eight point game. The Razorbacks got off to a flying start with 4 goals to one to lead at quarter time. UHS-VU fought back hard with some accurate kicking in the 2nd quarter and strong marking up forward, to be down by just 3 at the main change. Swinburne took the lead early in the 3rd grabbing the first goal but, UHS-VU then regained the lead with three majors in succession to take it to 19 mid-term and it then became an arm-wrestle as Swinny got it down to as low as a point but, couldn’t get over the line despite having 19-16 score shot advantage. BOG Danny Manning and Tom Kennedy booted 3 each for “SU”, as did Lachlan Allen for “VU” whilst Kane Benstead had his best game for the year and BOG honours.

La Trobe Uni defeated by Hawthorn

Both sides moved the ball well and used the open space of the big ground well. There were great skills through the back halves and middle but a lot of turn overs going forward. La Trobe played an extra man in defence, which worked well for a while, but once Hawthorn changed their plan, they started to slowly edge away. Hawthorn never looked like losing the game, but they never really broke away. As I have previously stated, La Trobe played better than their 1-6 record suggests. Jason Ince had 4 goals for the Hawks whilst, their best were Aidan Beaton and Glenn Gromadovski. Bradley Hoffman and Jack Roberts led LTU with 2 goals each

Albert Park defeated by West Brunswick

On a beautiful day for football by the lake, the Falcons really matched it with the Magpies and should hold their heads up high as they were able to hold the Magpies to their 2nd lowest score for the year. Inaccurate kicking is unfortunately becoming the norm for the Magpies and they have only 2 training sessions to get it sorted before they take on the Animals. Ryan Want and Sam Alexander were best for the Falcons. Cormac Cashin (2 goals) and Dylan Muscut (3) were West Brunny’s standouts up forward whilst, Xavier Fowler was judged best afield.

Power House defeated by Glen Eira

Well, I’ll eat my words. From 2 weeks ago up until around half-way through the 2nd when Power House had a commanding 40 point lead, I couldn’t see where the Saints were going to get their first win. With 5 minutes to go in the 2nd, Power House kicked 2 goals in succession to get the margin to 27 at the half. I don’t know what the coach told them, but it worked. The ball moved freely, they was more spread. The Saints were no longer a team that were satisfied about going through the motions. Daniel Entwistle (5 goals) was back to form and this time, he had support. The Saints got the margin back to 15 by 3/4 time. Two quick goals by Power House to start the 4th and then the Saints “came marching in”, slamming an un-answered 8 goals to run out 3 goal victors. Todd Richards was BOG


With round 8 this week, all sides should go harder than ever as we all get a week off for the Queen’s Birthday. La Trobe Uni (10th) can’t seem to cop a break as they now travel to Aquinas (3rd), who will get back into the winners books. Glen Eira (9th) host UHS-VU (4th). Both teams are on a high but, UHS-VU should win. My match of the round and many say the Grand Final preview is West Brunswick (1st) hosting 2nd Emmaus St Leo’s. The best attack against the best defence. With the Magpies inaccurate kicking, it’s hard to see how they’ll stop Beluszar, Harding & Hill who have kicked 83 goals between them, 1 goal less than West Brunswick (84) have kicked in total.

Swinburne Uni (5th) have some soul-searching with inconsistent weeks. They will amend this as they host Power House (11th) who get 2 weeks off after Saturday.

Lastly, the Falcons (7th) head out to Whitehorse reserve and the refreshed Eley Park (8th). How many players are back for the Sharks? They won’t tell me. I’m guessing a few – Eley Park at home. Hawthorn (6th) should be pleased heading into the bye with two weeks to prepare for the Animals.

Aquinas Vs. La Trobe Uni

Glen Eira Vs. UHS-VU

West Brunswick Vs. Emmaus St Leo’s

Swinburne Uni Vs. Power House

Eley Park Vs. Albert Park