Division 3: End of season blues and reviews

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By Gavin Southern – @gavsouthern

The sun has come back and players were getting chaired off to end careers. This means the home-away season has finally finished and it’s finals fever! So, it’s also time to review our Div 3 sides for 2015: 

1st – Emmaus St. Leo’s

Coach Alan Sutherland did not miss a beat this year, managing the strongest forward line in the competition and a mean midfield. Going undefeated throughout the year and finishing off with a bye, the Animals are in the driver’s seat to snatch a premiership.

Leading goal-kicker: Ryan Harding 70 – Predicted B&F: Nic Robin

2nd – West Brunswick

West Brunswick had the best defence, dominant talls around the ground and genuinely play for each other. Only losing to the Animals (twice), we could see déjà vu again and see another upset for the Cup. Kicking for goal could be their undoing. Excellent effort coming from Division 4.

Leading goal-kicker: Dylan Muscat 46 – Predicted B&F: Evan Lloyd

3rd – Aquinas 

The Bloods had a great year but they are still a way behind the top 2 despite their 2 point loss to the Animals. The Magpies put them to the sword last week, however some would consider it an aberration. Finishing 3rd again with the same amount of wins, the Bloods are capable of an upset. We’ll see.

Leading goal-kicker: Ben Nucifora 25 – Predicted B&F: Lachlan Barnes

4th Hawthorn 

The other Division 4 promoted team this year, the season didn’t start all that crash-hot losing 3 of their first 4. Unable to snatch a win off the top 3 but winning the last 7 has capped off a brilliant year. But, the season isn’t over yet for the Hawks and they are super confident.

Leading goal-kicker: Jason Ince 37 – Predicted B&F: David Pritchard/Sam Gold

5th Swinburne Uni 

“Swinny” didn’t quite set the world on fire like they did last year. Finishing 8-8 shows they were inconsistent some weeks and had some horror kicking displays. BUT when the season was on the line, they rallied to win 4 of their last 5 and here they are in September.

Leading goal-kicker: Tom Kennedy 42 – Predicted B&F: Danny Manning

6th UHS-VU

The Vultures were also a side with an inconsistent year. Even though a similar year to last year, they deserve a pat on the back for climbing 2 positions and securing the last finals spot. They beat the teams they needed to and had some bad losses to the teams above. Their loss to Glen Eira would still burn but their last round more than certainly made up for it. Congratulations on making it.
Leading goal-kicker: John Clark 19 – Predicted B&F: John Clark

7th Albert Park 

The Falcons missed out on the finals by 3 games after scraping through by percentage last year. Knocking off Uhs-Vu in round 13 was their only top 6 scalp however, 20 point losses to the Razorbacks and Aquinas (twice) were admirable. Finishing the year off kicking their highest score against Eley Park, has at least given them hope for 2016.

Leading goal-kicker: Ashley McNaughton 19 – Predicted B&F: Jack Amies

8th Power House 

Power House would have to be disappointed with 2015. After just missing out on finals by percentage last year, there were high hopes to go one better. The punishing loss to the Vultures round 1, a 6 game losing streak through rounds 3-8 and only reaching 100 points once doesn’t bring you success. The positives were that they took it up to Hawthorn Round 13 and got one back against Glen Eira.

Leading goal-kicker: Luke Stubbs 39 – Predicted B&F: Jacob Whelan

9th Glen Eira 

Hopes were high for the Saints after being relegated from Division 2. Losing their first 5 games, we were unsure where their first win would come from. Then there was the 4 game win-streak, which included wins against Swinburne and UHS-VU, and the Saints really had their tails up. Considering they only played the Animals and Magpies once, maybe they were lucky with 5 wins. 

Leading goal-kicker: Daniel Entwistle 43 – Predicted B&F: Todd Richardson

10th La Trobe Uni

2 wins would not have been what the doctor ordered for La Trobe. A tough draw where they played 5 of the top 6 twice and Eley Park/Glen Eira once. Pushing Hawthorn in the last round shows they can play Division 3 football.

Leading goal-kicker: Shaun Field 37 – Predicted B&F: Brad Hoffman just

11th Eley Park

My heart bled for the Sharks. Injury-plagued all year, the Sharks were still highly competitive but couldn’t get going. They also had a relatively tough draw playing 4 of the top 6 twice. They could score easily but their defence was lacking. No news about relegation yet, we’ll have to wait and see.

Leading goal-kicker: Noel Bahnsen – Predicted B&F: Owen Dickson


Well the wait is over and we have cracking games on Saturday/Sunday. To the games:

Saturday, 3V4 at Casey Fields. Aquinas Vs. Hawthorn. They only played the once this year and it was decided by a kick. Aquinas.

Sunday, 1v6 at Scammell Reserve. Emmaus St. Leo’s Vs. Uhs-Vu. The Vultures will give it their all but, it won’t be near enough. Emmaus St. Leo’s.

Sunday, 2v5 at Garvey Oval. West Brunswick Vs. Swinburne Uni. Same here. West Brunswick.

Aquinas Vs. Hawthorn
Emmaus St. Leo’s Vs. Uhs-Vu
West Brunswick Vs. Swinburne Uni