Division 3: Team of the Year

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With the naming of the AFL All-Australian team recently, VAFA.com.au would like to recognise the VAFA Teams of the Year as published in the Amateur Footballer following the conclusion of the home and away fixture.

Below is Division 3 scribe Gavin Southern’s Team of the Year for 2015.

FB M. Nunan (Haw) R. McMinn (LTU) C. Germon (WB)
CHB N. Morrison-Story (AQ) L. Barnes (AQ) C. Cashin (WB)
C A. Gibson (WB) P. Baranello (ESL) L. McDonald (AQ)
CHF T. Richardson (GE) R. Harding (ESL) S. Simpson (WB)
FF N. Robin (ESL) C. Beluszar (ESL) D. Muscat (WB)
Foll R. Ogge (Haw) P. Mcmahon (EP) S. Gold (Haw)
INT R. Want (AP), Z. Parr (UHS), J. Whelan (PH), D. Manning (SU)
Coach Alan Sutherland (ESL)