VAFA & InteractSport release new mobile application for 2016 season

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The VAFA is proud to announce the release of a dedicated iOS and Android mobile application for the 2016 VAFA season, available immediately through the App Store and Google Play Store.

In association with Melbourne-based sports technology provider InteractSport, the app provides users with VAFA competition information directly at their fingertips, including live scores, upcoming matches, results, and ladders.

Additionally, the app can integrate with a user’s calendar, social feeds and maps application to allow a user to find the location of a ground, addVAFA App_V01 2 an upcoming match to their device’s calendar, and share results and ladders on their preferred social network.

“In conjunction with Interact Sport, the VAFA continue to lead the digital sporting landscape by providing the latest and most comprehensive mobile application.”, said VAFA CEO Michael Sholly.

“The new app will allow all VAFA members to access real time information through improved accessibility and navigation.”

InteractSport Director Andrew Walton said, “We believe the shift to a clean, simple mobile interface is valued by community sport.”

“Our partnership with the VAFA extends quality information being available digitally to view and share amongst those interested in any team, match or division live on their own device.”

More information and direct download links for the VAFA app can be found at: