Big V senior representative squad announced

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44 players have been named in the initial Big V senior representative squad who will take on the SAAFL on the Queen’s birthday weekend in Melbourne on Saturday 11 June.

The squad is made up of 32 players from William Buck Premier, 11 from Premier B and one from the Division 1 competition.

Both Old Trinity and Old Melburnians have five players selected in the initial squad; including, OMs midfielder and ex-Port Adelaide and Richmond midfielder, Matt Thomas, and ex-Geelong Cat and current OG, George Burbury. Old Xaverians and De La Salle both have four players named each.

Player availability prior to announcing the squad was taken into consideration and has provided the opportunity for  many new players to be involved in the senior representative programme. Please note players may be still be added to this squad at any time.

The game against SAAFL is the first fixture against our interstate rivals since 2004. The venue of the game will be confirmed in coming weeks.

The VAFA senior representative team will train at 6.30pm at Sportscover Arena on the following dates prior the game:

  • Wednesday 25 May 
  • Wednesday 1 June 
  • Tuesday 7 June 
  • Thursday 9 June 
1 Tom Dean Beaumaris
2 Tom Penberthy Collegians
3 Sam Hibbins Collegians
4 Will Johnson Collegians
5 Jake Williams De La Salle OC
6 Sam Williams De La Salle OC
7 Tom Humphrey De La Salle OC
8 Jack Vickers De La Salle OC
9 Daniel Bisetto Fitzroy
10 Charlie Rosetti Monash Blues
11 Sam Cust Old Carey
12 George Burbury Old Geelong
13 Peter Shakallis Old Haileybury
14 Lachlan Treverton Old Haileybury
15 Tom Paule Old Melburnians
16 Matthew Thomas Old Melburnians
17 Josh Freezer Old Melburnians
18 George Hurley-Wellington Old Melburnians
19 Nick De Steiger Old Melburnians
20 Jack Bull Old Scotch
21 Jonathon Daggian Old Scotch
22 Aiden Franetic Old Scotch
23 Callum Pohl Old Trinity
24 Ben Howell Old Trinity
25 Harry Tinney Old Trinity
26 Alex Polidoros Old Trinity
27 Andrew Kyriacopoulos Old Trinity
28 Matthew Handley Old Xaverians
29 Brendan Goss Old Xaverians
30 Clay Johnston Old Xaverians
31 Denis Symeopoulos Old Xaverians
32 Jaryd Robertson St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
33 Chris Mangoni St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
34 Daniel Garside St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
35 Tom Caven St Bernards OC
36 Tom Sullivan St Bernards OC
37 Gerard Gleeson St. Kevins OB
38 Dylan Jones St. Kevins OB
39 Kelvin Williams St. Kevins OB
40 Alastair Robbins University Blacks
41 Jordan Quaile University Blacks
42 Marshall Rippon University Blues
43 Piers Flanagan University Blues
44 Jeremy Mugavin University Blues