2016 Community Umpiring Round

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The VAFA will join football communities across the country this weekend in celebrating and recognising the important role umpires play in our game during Community Umpiring Round.

The VAFA’s Umpire Round is aimed at encouraging all players, coaches, administrators and supporters of our great game to acknowledge the efforts of over 400 umpires who officiate VAFA matches each weekend.

Too often the role of the umpire in Australian Football is overlooked and taken for granted. All umpires who officiate our game do so with the best intentions of implementing the “Laws of the Game” to the best of their ability. This is a difficult task and is at times viewed in a critical fashion.

This particular weekend we can look to show our appreciation for the boys, girls, men and women who take up the challenge of umpiring our game, giving us the opportunity to enjoy VAFA football. If you cross paths with a VAFA umpire, take the time to acknowledge them and give thanks for their efforts.