VAFA Media Release: 2017 Divisions 2, 3 & 4 structures

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The VAFA Board and Football Operations Department reviewed the current structure of Divisions 2, 3 and 4 and made the following changes to this season’s relegation/promotion system in a bid to ensure a competitive and fair fixture in 2017.

With the current 70-team competition, there will be 10 teams in every senior section of the VAFA next year as the changes aim to rectify the current unevenness of nine teams in Divisions 2 and 4, and 12 in Division 3.

Three teams will be relegated from Division 3 and one from Division 2, while the current two-team promotion system will remain.

General Manager, Football Operations and Umpiring, Brian Goodman, says the current system creates an imbalance over an 18 round season.

“The 10-team structure which will occur because of these changes will allow every side to play each opponent twice, creating a balanced and fair fixture,” Goodman says.

“It will also allow for a top four finals series in every senior section of the Association.”

The decision is directly aligned with the VAFA’s strategic plan to ensure a competitive balance across all sections.

Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
2 Promoted to Division 1 2 Promoted to Division 2 2 Promoted to Division 3
1 Relegated to Division 3 3 Relegated to Division 4