Don’t miss your chance to witness ‘The Galahs’

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VAFA Board member, Rob Heath, played a leading role in the creation of Australian film, The Galahs, which recently premiered to an audience of more than 300 people at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Detailing the first-ever international rules series in Ireland, the film documents the story of Ron Barassi, Harry Beitzel and their men travelling abroad as ‘The Galahs’ and taking on their Irish counterparts.

The film’s website says “there was real warmth in the room, for the film and the filmmakers, but especially for the Galahs in attendance”.

“Many great ones showed up – Ron Barassi, Alex Jesaulenko, Hassa Mann, Bob Keddie, Ken Fraser, Barry Davis, Bill Barrot, Paddy Guinane, Roger Dean and Ian Law.”

The are three more screenings of the film so for your chance to witness this unbelievable and entertaining story of Australia’s first international rules side, book via this LINK