Farah, Chapman Club XVIII (1) & (2) Best & Fairest: Every player, every vote

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Congratulations to Hawthorn Spartans forward, John Farah, who added the Stephen Mason Club XVIII (1) competition best & fairest to go along with 2016 premiership and goal kicking awards.

Farah has been an integral part of the Spartans’ set-up for a number of years and his 19 votes gave him the win over Old Xaverians’ Matthew Walsh (16) and Prahran Assumption’s Nick Gouin (14).

Further congratulations goes to Michael and Shane Chapman of Monash Blues after they came first and second in the Club XVIII (2) vote count. West Brunswick’s Brad Wynne polled 10 votes to come in third ahead of Old Geelong premiership player, Rob Officer (8).

See every player and their votes below.

Club XVIII (1) Votes

John Farah Hawthorn AFC 19
Matthew Walsh Old Xaverians 16
Nicholas Gouin Prahran Assumption 14
Sam Hartmann Richmond Central 11
Charles Logan Richmond Central 11
Arran Bouten MHSOB 10
Grant Ryan South Mornington 10
Tim Silk Old Xaverians 9
Constantine Bubunaras Hawthorn AFC 9
Christopher Hughes St Francis Xavier OC 9
Michael Rapa Brunswick NOBSPC 8
Todd Macleod Brunswick NOBSPC 8
Tom Doer-Tolhurst MHSOB 7
Benjamin Corcoran Old Xaverians 7
Nathaniel Welsh St Francis Xavier OC 7
Anthony Simpson South Mornington 6
Craig Berger Prahran Assumption 6
Sean Dullard St Francis Xavier OC 6
Thomas Beech Hawthorn AFC 6
Nicholas Criticos Hawthorn AFC 6
Con Pana Hawthorn AFC 5
Timothy Cole Brunswick NOBSPC 5
Samuel Burns St Francis Xavier OC 5
Brendan O’Hara St Francis Xavier OC 5
Jason Yap Hawthorn AFC 5
Timothy Demetriou Hawthorn AFC 5
Fraser Spalding St Francis Xavier OC 5
Aman Gaur Richmond Central 4
Ben O’Halloran Brunswick NOBSPC 4
Mohammed Dabab Hawthorn AFC 4
Luke Allen South Mornington 3
Wade Sansom MHSOB 3
Jason Storer Prahran Assumption 3
Nicholas Larkins Old Xaverians 3
Angus Henderson Brunswick NOBSPC 3
Anthony Keyhoe Old Xaverians 3
Harley Crozier St Francis Xavier OC 3
Jaryd Poyner Brunswick NOBSPC 3
Torin Baker Prahran Assumption 3
Adam Jones MHSOB 3
Christopher Gatto Brunswick NOBSPC 3
Caleb Nontapan Richmond Central 3
Robert Nolan Richmond Central 3
Anthony Brennan Brunswick NOBSPC 3
Jake Abel St Francis Xavier OC 3
Daniel Pennant St Francis Xavier OC 3
Luke Edwards Hawthorn AFC 3
Mark McCabe Richmond Central 3
Owen Kelly Richmond Central 3
Robert Kemp South Mornington 2
Anthony Demetriou Hawthorn AFC 2
James Moverley Brunswick NOBSPC 2
Peter Iser Richmond Central 2
Joseph Chen Richmond Central 2
Jack Silk Old Xaverians 2
Jonathan Plaista Brunswick NOBSPC 2
Matthew Griffin MHSOB 2
Nathan Rice Richmond Central 2
Evangelous Christou Hawthorn AFC 2
Alistair Parton Old Xaverians 2
Chris Williams South Mornington 2
Sam Burns St Francis Xavier OC 2
Michael Koehler Prahran AFC 2
Alex Drew MHSOB 2
Charles Logan Richmond Central 2
Andrew Barrett Old Xaverians 2
Zachary Lucas St Francis Xavier OC 2
Johnny Foti Hawthorn AFC 1
Albert Kuang MHSOB 1
William Brouwers Brunswick NOBSPC 1
Jarod Roberts St Francis Xavier OC 1
Ryan Gallagher Old Xaverians 1
Tyson Barber Hawthorn AFC 1
Luke Godeassi Prahran Assumption 1
Chris Fahy Old Xaverians 1
James Van Dam St Francis Xavier OC 1
Adam Charfield Prahran Assumption 1
Tomas Mitchel South Mornington 1
Shaun Holmes MHSOB 1
Alan Mok Hawthorn AFC 1
Matthew McLean Old Xaverians 1
Brendan Harris Prahran AFC 1
Shaun Moloney Brunswick NOBSPC 1
John Bueno Old Xaverians 1
Michael Johnson South Mornington 1
Adam Stewart Prahran Assumption 1
Manisha Karunaratne Brunswick NOBSPC 1
Nicholas Keohler Prahran Assumption 1
Alessandro Corsi Old Xaverians 1
Nathaniel West St Francis Xavier OC 1
Chris De Jong MHSOB 1
William Coleman MHSOB 1
Chris Miller MHSOB 1
Jason Wilson South Mornington 1
Nick Orchard MHSOB 1
Travers McLeod Brunswick NOBSPC 1

Club XVIII (2) Votes

Michael Chapman Monash Blues 17
Shane Chapman Monash Blues 14
Brad Wynne West Brunswick 10
Rob Officer Old Geelong 8
Warren Smith UHS-VU AFC 7
Josh Archer Old Geelong 7
Shane Devers West Brunswick 6
Jason Hopkins West Brunswick 6
Donald Sahlstrom Old Geelong 6
Seb Poole Monash Blues 5
Sean Creek West Brunswick 5
Marshall Bunting Monash Gryphons 5
Joseph Kemp Old Geelong 5
Chris Marchio UHS-VU AFC 5
Samuel Capra Swinburne University 4
Peter Grouios Old Geelong 4
Kye Oppelaar West Brunswick 4
John Graham Old Geelong 4
Jack Nulty West Brunswick 4
Jack Hayes West Brunswick 4
Henry Hewitson Old Geelong 4
Andrew McKenzie West Brunswick 4
Xavier Fowler West Brunswick 3
Todd Kitchen Swinburne University 3
Sudan Sujecki Old Geelong 3
Shane Cracknell UHS-VU AFC 3
Robert Fletcher Monash Gryphons 3
Patrick Kelly West Brunswick 3
Patrick Healey Old Geelong 3
Nicholas Crane Monash Gryphons 3
Matthew Young Old Geelong 3
Luke Pryde Monash Gryphons 3
Justin Muzur Monash Blues 3
Jaden Rubinstein Old Geelong 3
Jacob Hyslop West Brunswick 3
Jack Power Old Geelong 3
Hayden Devanny Monash Blues 3
David Santaluca Monash Gryphons 3
Cris Mannis Monash Gryphons 3
Cameron Sherwin Old Geelong 3
Adam Younis Old Geelong 3
Alex tsirogiannis Monash Gryphons 3
Jackson Bell Old Geelong 3
Samuel O’Connor West Brunswick 2
Roisin Benjamin West Brunswick 2
Rhett Nicholas Old Geelong 2
Patrick McDonald West Brunswick 2
Matthew Mallach UHS-VU AFC 2
Luke McCartney UHS-VU AFC 2
Kyle Opelaar West Brunswick 2
Justin Mazurka Monash Blues 2
Jamesen Hunter Old Geelong 2
James Hertan Monash Blues 2
James Cave Old Geelong 2
Hayden Brouwner Monash Blues 2
Harvey Scholes Monash Gryphons 2
Harrison Berenger Monash Blues 2
Dujon Fuzzard West Brunswick 2
David Wallace Monash Gryphons 2
David Coward Old Geelong 2
Christian Barton Swinburne University 2
Benjamin Fleisner Swinburne University 2
Alex Holmes Monash Gryphons 2
Aaron Thompson West Brunswick 2
William Geary Monash Blues 1
Tom Corrie Monash Gryphons 1
Tim Kidman West Brunswick 1
Thomas Costigan UHS-VU AFC 1
Sandor Guggisberg UHS-VU AFC 1
Paul Chynoweth UHS-VU AFC 1
Patrick Mulcahy Monash Blues 1
Nicholas Hutchens West Brunswick 1
Michael Deluise UHS-VU AFC 1
Lewis Chiodo Old Geelong 1
Julian Foster Old Geelong 1
Joshua Sumara Old Geelong 1
Joseph Dell’Ollio Swinburne University 1
Jarrod Sandow West Brunswick 1
Jakob Zhivov Monash Gryphons 1
Jack Johnston Old Geelong 1
Henry Wetherall Old Geelong 1
Dylan Entwhistle Monash Gryphons 1
Duane Jeffries Old Geelong 1
Daniel O’Shea Swinburne University 1
Chris Macho UHS-VU AFC 1
Brock McKenzie Monash Blues 1
Angus Campbell West Brunswick 1
Alan Chung Swinburne University 1
Adam Trevethen UHS-VU AFC 1
Jehangir Sandhu Swinburne University 1
Calvin Oppy Monash Blues 1