Williams wins Woodrow number two

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Three votes in the last match of the season between De La Salle and Old Carey capped off a stunning 2016 Woodrow Medal count for Jake Williams as he took home his second medal in four years.

The 22-year-old midfielder/half-back took the outright lead from Old Melburnians’ Matt Thomas in Round 7, and refused to loosen his stranglehold over the field throughout the rest of the count.

Thomas’ teammate Tom Paule drew level with Williams on 20 votes in Round 14 but a best-on-ground performance in De La’s Round 16 win over St Kevin’s took Williams to 23 and ultimately his second Woodrow since 2013.

Needing three votes in Round 18 to draw level with Williams, Paule managed just one in the OM’s 14-point loss to Collegians before the De La star registered his sixth three-vote performance to finish on 26.

University Blacks captain Bede Mahon polled consistently throughout the night and finished two votes behind Paule in third position. He racked up five best-on-ground performances, including four three-vote games between rounds 5 and 9.

Hard-nosed University Blues midfielder Jeremy Mugavin finished fourth on 15 votes, one ahead of Thomas, Jack Hunt (Old Trinity) and Tom Sullivan (St Bernard’s).

The individual honour is De La Salle’s fifth since 2009, with Williams’ second medal joining David Lowe (2009), Matt Fieldsend (2009) and Aaron Shields (2010).

Player Name Club Total
Jake Williams De La Salle 26
Thomas Paule Old Melburnians 21
Bede Mahon University Blacks 19
Jeremy Mugavin University Blues 15
Matthew Thomas Old Melburnians 14
Jack Hunt Old Trinity 14
Tom Sullivan St Bernards 14
Marshall Rippon University Blues 11
Sam Williams De La Salle 11
Marc James University Blues 10
Thomas Penberthy Collegians 10
Simon Hogan University Blacks 10
Steven Salopek SKOB 9
Brendan Goss Old Xaverians 9
Andrew Scott Collegians 9
Adam Bentick St Bernards 9
Caydn Beetham Old Xaverians 9
Jason Salopek SKOB 9
Joshua Steadman University Blacks 8
Tom Williams Old Xaverians 8
Hugh Curnow University Blacks 8
Matthew Handley Old Xaverians 7
Harry Tinney Old Trinity 7
Chris Manoussakis Old Trinity 7
Brendan Iezzi Old Trinity 7
Nicholas de Steiger Old Melburnians 7
Kelvin Williams SKOB 6
William Coates SKOB 6
Christopher Peart St Bernards 6
William Cunningham University Blues 6
Dominic Russo Collegians 6
Lochie Dornauf University Blacks 6
Jacob Gotch De La Salle 6
Courtney Hylton Collegians 6
Billy Kanakis SKOB 5
Cauley Beetham Old Xaverians 5
Nicholas Serafini Old Xaverians 5
Tom Cameron Old Melburnians 5
Will Johnson Collegians 5
Ben Kennedy Old Xaverians 5
Sam Hibbins Collegians 5
Andrew Kyriacopoulos Old Trinity 5
Sam Cust Old Carey 4
Damien Rayson De La Salle 4
Charlie Richardson University Blacks 4
Fergus Stewart Old Trinity 4
Tyson Thomas Old Xaverians 4
Cameron Williams University Blues 4
Benjamin Howell Old Trinity 4
Luke Pacconi Old Trinity 4
Andrew Scott Old Trinity 3
Thomas MacKenzie University Blues 3
Stuart Watson Old Melburnians 3
Ryan Eade University Blues 3
Nick Wynne Old Xaverians 3
Nicholas Cooke St Bernards 3
Louis Denton Old Xaverians 3
Jack Osborn Old Trinity 3
Gabriel Hamilton Old Trinity 3
Dale Hinkley University Blues 3
Callum Pohl Old Trinity 3
Paul Bunn University Blues 3
Clayton Hinkley University Blues 3
Samuel Bennett University Blacks 3
Clay Johnston Old Xaverians 3
Luther Juric Old Trinity 3
Daniel Noonan Old Xaverians 3
Alexander Armstrong Old Melburnians 3
Stephen Gilham SKOB 3
John Shaw Old Xaverians 3
George Cameron University Blues 3
Thomas Humphrey De La Salle 2
Rohan Bail SKOB 2
Oscar Hosking Old Melburnians 2
Mitchell Hughes St Bernards 2
Michael Caven St Bernards 2
Mark Yeoman Old Trinity 2
Lachlan Howe Old Xaverians 2
Lachlan Ferguson Collegians 2
Kenny Ong Collegians 2
Jordan Gysberts SKOB 2
Edward De Fegely Old Melburnians 2
Edward Clinch De La Salle 2
Dylan Jones SKOB 2
Denis Symeopoulos Old Xaverians 2
Anthony Giarrusso SKOB 2
Alex Polidoros Old Trinity 2
Thomas Cunningham SKOB 2
Jacob Bevanda St Bernards 2
Michael Darvell Old Xaverians 2
Simon Caven St Bernards 2
Peter Summers University Blues 2
Lachie Borthwick Old Melburnians 2
Matthew Fieldsend De La Salle 2
Cameron Jones Old Carey 2
Hugh Nicholson De La Salle 2
Patrick Hayes University Blues 2
Anthony Scott Old Trinity 2
Tagan Carter-Taylor Old Carey 1
Patrick Garschagen Old Melburnians 1
Karl Wissell SKOB 1
Justin De Steiger Old Melburnians 1
Julian Eimutis Collegians 1
Jay Bruno Old Xaverians 1
Hugh Vickers-Willis University Blues 1
Harry Thompson Old Trinity 1
Gerard Gleeson SKOB 1
Edward Weatherson Old Trinity 1
Billy Riddle Collegians 1
Ben Smithwick Old Carey 1
Ashley Morris SKOB 1
Darren Colaco St Bernards 1
Nathan Kazuro St Bernards 1