Collegians, Xavs premiership points decision made

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Tim Nelson – VAFA Chairman

An outstanding game of Premier VAFA football disappointingly ended in desperately unfortunate circumstances for the clubs, players, families and supporters. The Board commends both clubs and the players, umpires, officials and all medical staff for the care and attention Jarryd Skene received and for putting the player’s welfare ahead of achieving a final result. Player welfare is always foremost in the minds of our Board and administration and I am sure our wider VAFA community.

VAFA Premier Football is the pinnacle of our amateur game.  It is highly competitive and combative, yet played with a unique spirit and camaraderie even though the stakes are high, particularly in such a crucial match.  The circumstances surrounding the conclusion of this match are atypical and distressing, particularly as it involves player welfare.

The Board thanks each of the clubs and the umpires for their submissions regarding the abandonment of the game and the determination of a result between Collegians & Old Xaverians on June 17, 2017.  The submissions have been reviewed and all circumstances have been considered by the Board.  The Board acknowledges that several games have been abandoned across the competition this season. The Board also acknowledges the circumstances and events around the abandonment of games in 2017 have been different.    In each of these instances, the Board has invoked VAFA Rule 62, which reads as follows;

In the event of a match being abandoned by the Field Umpire the Board shall decide whether any premiership points should be awarded to the participating teams and the manner of allocation of any points so awarded and may impose such penalty on either participating team as it considers appropriate having regard to the circumstances of the abandonment.

After lengthy consideration of the submissions regarding the abandonment of the Collegians V Old Xaverians game, the VAFA Board has elected to determine the outcome adopting VAFA Rule 62.  The Board’s decision is that as the match was not conclusively decided at the time it was abandoned with 6min 22 seconds remaining, it therefore has awarded the sharing of the match points.  Collegians and Old Xaverians will each receive 2 points.  The scores will remain for percentage purposes.  All goalkickers will be retained and umpire votes will be awarded.

We again thank both clubs and the umpires for their submissions and above all else wish Jarryd and his family our best with his recovery.

Feature photo: Ari Hatzis