Ireland Tour, Dogs at Finals, Thank You

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Brett Connell – VAFA CEO

With the 2017 VAFA Tour of Ireland almost upon us we thought it would be good to provide the readers insight into the history and highlights of the tours to date.

Refer to a brief history of the Ireland and South African Tours in this week’s Amateur Footballer (thanks Tony Amad).

In brief, from October 1-18 a group of VAFA players and officials representing our competition will fly to Ireland to take on the best the Irish can throw at us from a community perspective, while at the same time take in some of the amazing sights of Ireland.

Matches will be played against Bishoptown, Tuam Stars, the All Ireland squad (before they head to Australia to take on the AFL) and Donaghmore Ashbourne.

The trip will conclude in London where the team will play AFL Europe.

Apart from the playing side, the trip will provide the touring party the opportunity to visit and experience the Blarney Castle, Cliffs of Moher, Dublin, Cork and Galway nightlife and all along providing wonderful opportunities for the players and officials in that special VAFA way.

At this stage, the playing group of 25 represent all VAFA senior sections.

Dave Murray will coach the team with Luke Mahoney as his Assistant.

The touring party will gain lifelong friendships and memories – congratulations and thank you to the clubs who have supported this important program, which offers a point of difference to the VAFA for players considering playing in our competition and for our clubs.

To keep abreast of developments please refer to

Dogs @ Finals

Now most of us enjoy our four-legged friends, have them at home and love their company and yes Spring is in the air when it’s a great time to get out and take the dog for a walk, however VAFA Finals Are DOG FREE.

It’s a shame to see four legged (and in one case a three legged one) tied up outside VAFA Finals venues recently, or hearing from upset volunteer gate staff or Duty Officers who have been abused over the VAFA’s rules pertaining to dogs at finals venues by people attending games.

Our rules are clear, the risk of a dog (on or off a leash) making some people feel unsafe, or even worse attacking or attempting to do so is a risk we will not incur.

We hire our finals venues, they are our venues to control what happens on the day and therefore if anything should go wrong it’s our responsibility, so please for the sake of all concerned (including Fido) – leave your dog at home.


With all of our Division and U19 Grand Finals due to be completed this week it would be remiss of us not to thank the clubs who have hosted our finals and the loyal band of volunteer gate keepers, Duty Officers and Ground Managers for your efforts is helping us conduct what has been a disrupted and at times challenging finals series, due in part to a shortage of grounds and disruption to Sportscover Arena’s availability.

Particularly John Robinson, Tim Sutcliffe, Peter Fisher, Norm Nugent, Tom Chard, Geoff Reilley, Sean Scully, Mick Overman, Richard Evans, Kylie da Fonte, as well as Sandringham FC, Box Hill FC, Casey Demons FC, Old Paradians, Oakleigh AFC, De La Salle OCFC, Collegians, MHSOB, St. Bedes Mentone Tigers AFC, Old Ivanhoe, Mazenod OCFC, Maercellin OCFC and PEGS.

In closing well done to PEGS (Division 1), West Brunswick (Division 2), Powerhouse (Division 3) and Manningham Cobras (Division 4) who all won their respective Preliminary Finals last week and in doing so not only gained entry to the “big dance” this weekend but also promotion to the higher section for 2018 – just rewards for all concerned with all (4) clubs.

Enjoy your weekend @ the footy and please leave your pooch at home!

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