Division 2 Preview: Round 12

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Anna Pavlou – @Annalyst_Sports

Emmaus St Leos stooped to their eighth loss last week and are looking for redemption. Similarly, Whitefriars are hanging on to their top four spot with pressure from MHSOB who are looming. The Animals are teetering on the edge of relegation and safety, so this win is crucial to send them to sixth spot on the ladder and keep them clear of the bottom. The Friars on the other hand have gone through a rough patch in recent times and are desperate to cling onto fourth spot, with fear of dropping out of the top four for the first time this year.

Bulleen Templestowe have turned their 2018 season around and are now out the of relegation zone, but they will need a win in Round 12 as they could drop to seventh spot if other results go against them. The Vultures have made a major statement in 2018 and are sitting pretty in second spot and they’ll want to keep it that way. Jackson (UHS-VU) is in hot form at the moment and may be the key between a win and a loss for the Vultures.

Eltham are buzzing after their well-deserved first win last week and should be ready to come out fighting against Yarra Old Grammarians. As Power House tested Yarra last week, the Turtles should be able to do the same. If Eltham can string together four quarters, they have a good chance.

Last time they met, Power House tested a fit Old Paradians side, but fell short as the Raiders ran out the game as the House ran out of steam. The House proved last week that at full strength, they are capable of creating some spectacular plays, however their main concern is their ability to run out full quarters. The Raiders had an uncomfortably close call against St Johns, but should be able to earn their 12th straight win of 2018.

St Johns showed last week that they are able to keep up with the absolute best of the competition and, against a middle of the table Melbourne High side, they have the chance to capitalise on their momentum and earn the four points they desperately need. Melbourne High on the other hand are equal fourth but need a big win to add to their percentage and possibly replace Whitefriars in that all-important final four.