Division 2 Preview: Round 7

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Anna Pavlou

It was a high scoring affair in Round 5 for Division 2, with all sides pushing their limits to kick big bags and match the best of the competition. Brunswick and Whitefriars are proving too smooth for the rest of the pack, straying further from Yarra Old Grammarians, who suffered their second loss in two weeks. Ivanhoe have snatched victory and Glen Eira have come awfully close in their charge for the top four.

Looking ahead to Round 7, Yarra Old Grammarians will be back on their home ground after two disappointing weeks, looking for a win to get their finals plans back on track. On the other hand, the Power House boys are coming off fresh from their bye round, ready to pounce and challenge the 2018 finalists. This is an eight-point game for the House, who will be looking to escape the bottom of the ladder and stay alive in 2019. But, if the Bushrangers can compose themselves through the middle and smash the clearances, they’ll ensure the ball doesn’t even reach the Power House forward line. The last two meetings for these sides last year saw Yarra take two convincing wins and they’ll look to do the same again to flex their muscles. Watch out, however, for an in-form small forward River Carroll, who is fit and firing for this game.

After a stunning victory over the Bushrangers last week, MHSOB are looking for another four points on their home ground in Round 7 against Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe came from behind last week so they may have some very tired legs coming to play. The Unicorns should use this to their advantage, with some hard running through the centre to halt the Hoers from even entering their forward line. Wesley Mayne has been prominent in front of goals and should lead the Hoers in the forward line this week again. The Hoers will be hard at the ball, but must focus on slowing down the quick run that the Unicorns will have perfected on their home ground. Unicorn James Tran has been in stellar form, so should be a worry for the Hoers. Melbourne High must have a fast start, particularly through the middle, if they want to stop the fiery Ivanhoe who will be boisterous for four quarters.
These sides haven’t met for some time in Division 2, so this battle will be an important defining moment as the season deepens.

Glen Eira will be furious they couldn’t get the job done last week, but look to match up well against a battered Bulleen Templestowe, who are searching for some points to keep their season alive. The Bullants have had two hard losses, but against the Gryphons, have a right chance to regroup and find their perfect matches. Billy Wilson has been strong all year for Bulleen, but Glen Eira’s backmen are improving in leaps and bounds and will make it tough to start a flow of goal kicking. Bryce Judd is on the rise through the forward line for the Gryphons, but it is his midfielders who will have to play a composed game. It also looks as if the Gryphons are taking their game to another level, with a multitude of players ready on the sidelines to take on the challenges of this division.

Set to challenge Brunswick this weekend, Hawthorn are still in search of their first win of their 2019 campaign after a disappointing loss last week. Though close in Round 6, the Hawks are still struggling to piece together a four quarter dominant performance. If they can perform like they have over the past few weeks in their first halves, apply scoreboard pressure and be clean-cut quick through the centre, they will be unstoppable for a full game. It’s getting tougher and tougher to fault Brunswick, who are showing that they’re a real deal in Division 2 this season. With a strong spread of goal kickers every week, it will be hard for Hawthorn’s men to find enough match-ups to counter act the strong goalkickers.