VAFA clubs dish up Blood Drive dominance

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The Australian Red Cross Blood Drive Challenge officially wrapped up recently, with four VAFA clubs finishing in the top eight spots in Victoria.

West Brunswick (1st), Melbourne Uni WFC (2nd), Preston Bullants (5th), and Brunswick FC (8th) made an incredible 178 donations from July 1 to September 30, enough to save 534 lives between them.

SKOB Saints and Old Ivanhoe also netted eight donations between them for a further 24 possible saved lives.

The Westies, MUWFC, Preston and Brunswick added to the excitement with their own competition by fixturing fortnightly clashes against each other. Scores were calculated based on donations during each two-week period and it was West Brunswick who went through the three-round season undefeated.

This is an amazing result from all participating clubs and the VAFA congratulates all for their participation.

Photos: Beth Cook