Bully names his best Cardinals

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200 senior games, two premierships, best & fairest awards, representative football honours, and club captaincy, it’s safe to say Jack Bull carved out an incredible Amateur career.

After a successful stint at Collegians FC whereby he played in two senior Premier Section premierships (2011 & 2012), Bull – who was Captain of Football at Scotch College – joined Old Scotch in 2014. He played 99 games for the Cardinals before retiring in 2019 and ran out alongside some of the best players in the competition.

So, when he joined the VAFA ‘Club in Focus’ Podcast recently, we had to find out who he rated among the best Scotchies he played with.

“It’s probably split into two parts if you like,” Bull said.

“I came into a pretty established Old Scotch team. We had Ed Barlow and Mark Passador, Houla (Adam Houlihan), Rich Eva and Scotty Sherwen. And they were senior, established gun footballers and that was a really, really good side.”

“Rich Eva he just a legend of the football club; really strong captain, four or five-time best & fairest. So, it was great to be able to play with him. And then a couple of the more senior guys, Houla a great character but geez he just had some amazing footy smarts that as a younger bloke, you could really learn off. Pass was just a classic power forward and in the absence of him on the field I probably may not have even got through those couple of years. He certainly looked after me when I was a little bit more of a smart alec than I became in my later years at Scotch that’s for sure.”

The second part of Bull’s list focused on the more recent years for the club when they made two Premier B grand finals in 2017 and 2019.

“More recently, the likes of Jamo (Nick Jamieson), Gene (van den Broek), Andrew Jelbart, Tommy McKinley. There’s a big list of those guys that have contributed and played senior Ammo’s rep games as well. And they’re the next crew that is leading the club now.”

Best Old Scotch Team Since 2000

In 2020, the club published its best Old Scotch Football Club team of the last 20 years:

FB Tim Holt (VC) Adam Nettleton Gene van den Broek
HB Richard Eva (C) Scott Sherwen Steve Hume
C Steve Collins Josh Kitchen Nick Jamieson
HF Adam Houlihan Bruce Phillips James Sansom
FF Luke Hawkins James Gerstman Charlie Tallent
Foll Andrew Crow Jack Bull (VC) Brad Robinson
I/C Tristan Beranger Tim Finocchario Andrew Jelbart
Will Lewis Mark Passador Sam Thompson
Coach Dale Tapping