Beaumaris FC receive Medal of Courage Award for stance against racism

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Beaumaris FC has been recognised for its stance against antisemitism and bigotry with an Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) ‘Medal of Courage’ Award.

Following the unlawful and abhorrent racial attack on the Ajax FC clubrooms in July, Beaumaris President Terry Lucas made a public stance via the Sharks’ website and social media channels, denouncing the act of vandalism and throwing his club’s support behind their Premier B Men’s and Junior football counterparts.

“The post was shared by parliamentarians, community leaders, sponsors, players and parents,” the club wrote in a statement last night.

“Importantly it came to the attention of Jewish families with children playing footy for Ajax. For them this was an important moment of ‘extending hands’ beyond prejudice and intolerance.”

The post was subsequently shared with the ADC, who considered the stance worthy of the Medal of Courage.

“The Beaumaris Football Club stepped up when it mattered and showed that they were much more than an incredible sporting organisation,” Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, said.

“In using their moral voice to confront this ugly expression of hatred head on, they proved that they are inspirational champions for empowering youth to stand up against antisemitism and bigotry.

“Their courageous stance reminded us that grassroots groups possess the power to not only break down religious and ethnic barriers, but to promote equality and mutual respect from the playing field to the classroom.”

Responding to the award via the club’s statement, Lucas said he was “humbled and proud to receive such an honour on behalf of the Beaumaris Football Club”.

“Prejudice and racism have no place in society, let alone sport. Our club stands firm in upholding high moral values and the promotion of equality, unity and respect.”

You can read the club’s full statement in response to the award HERE

You can read the original post below:

“A few days ago the clubrooms of the Ajax Football Club were defaced with vile and insidious racial slogans.

It was an act of vandalism that was both reprehensible and distressing. We will not show you those images.

The Beaumaris Football Club stands firm with the Ajax Football Club in the condemnation of this vulgar act.

Earlier in the season our Seniors and Reserves Men’s teams joined the Ajax players and supporters in Yom Ha Shoah or the Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration prior to the Seniors game at Albert Park. It’s an important day on the Jewish calendar. For our players, it was a special moment.

Both clubs are tremendous competitors on the field, be it Seniors or Juniors, but off it there is a strong underlying respect.

This vile act has no place in the broader community let alone on the walls of a football club.

The Beaumaris Football Club fully support the Ajax Football Club in denouncing this act and will always promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Go Sharks & Go Jackas”

Photo: Beaumaris FC