Two-time UHS-VU premiership coach stands down

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UHS-VU is on the hunt for a new senior men’s coach after their two-time premiership hero, Brendan Payne, recently stood down.

The man considered the most successful coach in the club’s storied 89-year history leaves an incredible legacy that includes back-to-back flags in 2017 (Division 3) and 2018 (Division 2) and promotion to Premier C for the first time in 40 years.

The club acknowledged Payne’s outstanding commitment during his six-year tenure and described the impact he had since arriving in 2016.

“He quickly implemented his training and match day style resulting in immediate club improvement with finals in 2016,” the club committee said.

“Brendan’s time in charge resulted in back-to-back senior premierships which is the only time this has occurred in the club’s history which began in 1932.

“Without doubt, attention and planning to opposition players was a key attribute in that success.”

As with any successful coach, Payne did as much work off the field as he did on it, leading the recruitment drive and assisting with Bunnings BBQs and other functions.

“One of the key non-match day qualities of Brendan is recruitment – he hunts down any lead that comes his way,” the club said.

“The entire club wholeheartedly thank Brendan and his son Baxter for their outstanding contributions to UHSVU.”

UHS-VU is now actively seeking playing or nonplaying coaches for both senior and reserve men’s and women’s, as well as their Thirds team.

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The VAFA congratulates and thanks Brendan on his outstanding service to the Vultures for the past six seasons.