Join VAFA Umpiring in 2022

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The start of the 2022 football season is fast approaching and the VAFA is now recruiting new Boundary, Field and Goal umpires. There has never been a better time to join VAFA Umpiring, with a large number of games requiring umpires each weekend.

Once you sign up with the VAFA, you will join a group of over 400 passionate and supportive umpires. You will learn the basics of umpiring, attend training to learn practical on field skills, and umpire games of football at clubs in your local area.

Steps involved to become a VAFA Umpire

  1. Sign up as a VAFA Umpire via this registration link.
  2. Complete the Expression of Interest Form: JOIN VAFA UMPIRING!
  3. Attend training on Monday or Wednesday at Elsternwick Park Oval, Glen Huntly Road, Brighton
  4. Be appointed to and umpire your first game for the VAFA

Reasons to become a VAFA Umpire

  1. Generous match payments that are tax free
  2. Safe and family friendly environment on match day with a zero-alcohol policy.
  3. Amateur Status where players are not paid and play for the love of the game
  4. Get fit and stay fit, umpiring is a great form of exercise with weekly fitness sessions
  5. Make new friends and join in a variety of fun social activities
  6. Learn valuable life skills such as conflict resolution, leadership, and teamwork that you can bring with you into any career path.

If you have any questions about how to join VAFA umpiring, please contact the VAFA’s new Umpire Operations Manager, Stephen Privitera via email: [email protected]