VAFA Round 2 Match of the Day Recap

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“Heartbreak for the home side, the red and blue reign supreme over the red and black”

In what was billed as a very early Grand Final preview, Old Xaverians played host to Old Brighton at Toorak Park on Saturday. It certainly lived up to that billing, the scores level at half-time, and it went right down to the wire with Old Brighton holding on by 3 points.

Hear the full Saturday warm-up with Joe Pignataro and Josh Heriot, along with pre-game interviews from James Byrne (Old Xaverians coach) and Greg Hutchison (Old Brighton), a half-time chat with Old Xaverians President Matt Cosgrave, and one of the best players on the ground from Old Brighton, Petrus Olivier.

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Mecwacare Match of the Day Recap

4.50: VAFA CEO Brett Connell resigns statement

10.50: A humorous insight into the VAFA Commentary Team

16.10: James Byrnes, coach of Old Xaverians

31.20: Questions without Notice

35.55: Greg Hutchison, coach of Old Brighton

1.08.55: Matt Cosgrave, President of Old Xaverians

1.26.10: Petrus Olivier, Old Brighton ruckman