2022 Division 1 Women’s Team of the Year

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Division 1 Women’s

Congratulations to those selected in the Division One Women’s Team of the Year. This team is led by Darryl Behrendorff and four of his star players after a successful 14-0 season. In this side is also best and fairest winner Eloise Defina (Old Camberwell).

Coach Darryl Behrendorff (Beaumaris)
FB Anais Lipski (Williamstown) Peta Simpkin (Old Haileybury) Hannah Lee (Old Trinity)
HB Steph Defina (Old Camberwell) Caley Ryan (Beaumaris) Kylie de Bruyn (Therry Penola)
C Bridget Hanrahan (Old Haileybury) Eliza German (Therry Penola) Sam Baisas (Beaumaris)
HF Serene Vudiniabola (Old Haileybury) Eloise Defina (Old Camberwell) Sophie Fraser (Old Melbournians)
FF Megan Witchell (Old Mentonians) Samantha Mclean (Beaumaris) Sara Fortunato (Old Camberwell)
RUCK Charlotte Ferrier (Old Melbournians) Taylah Tysoe (Beaumaris) Taylah Vines Chapple (Old Haileybury)
I/C Gemma MacGregor (Therry Penola) Laura Caruana (Old Trinity) Zoe Day (Williamstown)
Eloise De Rauch (Old Camberwell)

The VAFA Team of the Year’s are based on feedback and analysis from coaches, VAFA Media and umpires.