VAFA Umpires promoted to State League

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The VAFA is proud to announce that nine umpires have been promoted to the State League for the 2023 season – the highest number of promotions from any league in Victoria.

This result demonstrates the clear pathway available for VAFA umpires to progress through the AFL talent programs. The VAFA HQ investment into coaching resources and the support provided by the VAFA Umpire Association has allowed these talented umpires to thrive and be selected for the next level.

This outstanding achievement is a credit to the dedication shown by these umpires and shows their hard work throughout the 2022 V/Line Community Umpire Talent Academy.

We must also recognise the crucial role that the umpire coaches have played in this achievement. The amount of time and energy that the VAFA umpire coaching group spent on these umpires was above what was expected. Many hours of matchday coaching, fitness training and video analysis have allowed these umpires to perfect their umpiring skills.

Congratulating to the following umpires for their promotion:

Jonathan Clark
Campbell Hymans
Ben Lefebvre
Harry Warmington

Nicholas Bahr
Benjamin Myatt
Vo Schofield

Lachlan Higgins
Jake Penny

We hope to see more VAFA umpires join the state league program next year.

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