A must-watch opening round of Division 4 Men’s

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Following today’s announcement of the 2023 Division 4 Men’s fixture, VAFA Media has delved into the opening round of matches so you can set your countdown clocks to Saturday, April 15.

North Brunswick Bulls vs. Albert Park Falcons

The Bulls will consider themselves unlucky to be coming down to Division 4 Men’s in 2023. 

Equal number of wins as Wattle Park, Richmond Centrals and Hawthorn AFC but an inferior percentage saw them finish the season in ninth spot. 

They will face off against the Falcons in their season opener, the team within the closest proximity to them in Division 4. Can 2023 be the year they recreate the Premiership winning run the Bulls of 2018 went on to end a 37 year Premiership drought? 

This will be the first one of three consecutive home games at Allard Park to start the Bulls year. 

Albert Park missed the top four by one game in 2022. They traditionally have to go the long way around in the opening part of the season with their home ground out of action due to the Australian Grand Prix. 

If they can get their season off on the right foot, and momentum building early, they can set themselves up for a top four berth in 2023. 

Box Hill vs. Eley Park Sharks

It was a tough 2022 for Box Hill. When it got to round 15 last year the Demons were 0-14 and facing off against Eley Park.

Their fortunes changed that day and they came away 66 point winners. Their only win for 2022. 

Eley Park opened the 2022 season with a win over Box Hill themselves, the Sharks were able to claim one other win (against Masala). Can they mirror what they did on opening day, like they did 12 months ago? 

In only a 6-team competition in 2023, after a pre-season of recruiting drives and upping the ante. They are a genuine chance to steal a game or two against the odds and climb their way into the final four. 

Here’s the best way to start the season, when they face off against one another feeling they’ll be evenly matched and ready to go. 

Masala Dandenong vs. St Johns

The first decade in the history of Masala-Dandenong is what’s in store for the boys who play #SpicyFooty at Lois Twohig Reserve in 2023. 

The JOCS were one of the teams to beat in 2022. And it was the Tigers who ended their run during the finals series to create a slice of history for themselves. 

St John’s beat the Tigers twice during the home and away season but couldn’t get the job done when it mattered most and will have spent the off-season going over and over what they could have done better to have kept their season alive. 

The 2023 campaign for Masala-Dandenong kicked off on February 15 facing Afghanistan in the first of many matches this season. Will they hit the ground running or will the JOCS be too fired up for early season redemption? 

St John’s are expected to be the Division 4 frontrunners, but Masala proved last season they’re more than just part of the chasing pack.