2023 Mecwacare Masters Fixture

Posted on - Masters

The following fixture is subject to change. View the up-to-date fixture on GameDay.

Rd. Date Home Team Away Team Venue Time
1 16/4/2023 St Kevins Marcellin T H King 3.00pm
1 30/6/2023 Oakleigh De La Salle Scammell Reserve 7.30pm
2 28/4/2023 Oakleigh Marcellin Scammell Reserve 7.30pm
2 30/4/2023 De La Salle St Kevins Waverley Oval 3.00pm
3 21/5/2023 De La Salle Marcellin Waverley Oval 3.00pm
3 21/5/2023 St Kevins Oakleigh T H King 3.00pm
4 18/6/2023 De La Salle Oakleigh Waverley Oval 3.00pm
4 18/6/2023 Marcellin St Kevins Marcellin College 2.30pm
5 22/7/2023 St Kevins De La Salle T H King 5.30pm
5 23/7/2023 Marcellin Oakleigh Marcellin College 2.30pm
6 4/8/2023 Oakleigh St Kevins Scammell Reserve 7.30pm
6 6/8/2023 Marcellin De La Salle Marcellin College 2.30pm